About us

Ron Bedard has been working in the construction industry for over thirty years. He was always interested in hands-on work when he was young and he learned to use tools from his dad at a young age. At age sixteen, he was fortunate enough to help his father build their family home.
Ron began working as a cement finisher at the age of seventeen and continued in that field until the age of twenty-nine. During those years, he learned to finish concrete floors, slabs and sidewalks.  He also learned to repair and parge concrete foundations.  During the winter when there was not much demand for concrete work, he helped an uncle work on several home renovation projects.
At age thirty, he attended School at Algonquin College and completed their Construction Engineering program. He also attended their Architectural Technology program. Upon completion of his studies, Ron began working as a hands-on commercial construction supervisor. He worked on several smaller commercial construction  contracts and he was also in charge of cleaning-up deficiencies on the other various sites.
In 2003, he felt it was time for a change and he left the Commercial Construction Industry and began working on residential sites. During the years that would follow, he learned many trades and gained much experience in all aspects of the construction process. Ron has personally completed many renovation projects from start to finish  and he fully comprehends the techniques and processes involved.
Ron has a passion for his work and he enjoys working with the public. His supervisory and small business experience have provided him with valuable customer relation skills and the ability to better understand and satisfy the needs of his clientele. He believes that a positive attitude with co-workers, customers, and people in general, creates a healthy work environment and promotes a memorable experience for all parties involved. At Bedard Home Renovations, the main objective is to meet the customer’s needs and to make their renovation project a truly enjoyable experience.